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After yesterday covering half the ocean looking for the bigger fish and coming up empty. I didn't know what to expect today, In all honesty I was just hoping to just get a couple keepers. I did not want to have the dreaded DD. That is the double doughnut. A term well known among us striper boat captains. Well it wasn't gonna happen today. We ended up having a very good day with keepers,shorts and if i was in jersey waters lots of bonus fish.That is why I always say (You never know) What happened yesterday doesn't matter. If you want to go fishing just go.I know today with the internet information is almost instantaneous and people see a bad day and they wait for a good report. Back in the old days you got your report usually on a Friday in the newspaper and that was it So if you wanted to go fishing you just went, not knowing what to expect.I had a fellow call me last night and I guess he was reading other boats reports and he had a long drive and he didn't want to come down for nothing. I told him what we have been doing and we leave at 7:30 if you want to come just come. I don't have a crystal ball that will let me know what tomorrow is gonna be like. I go out and do my best every trip.You can read the report or live the report.I'm not sure if he was on the boat today or not.I know there are big fish to the east and hopefully they will come our way, I know a few did today.I will not be fishing tomorrow or Wednesday due to wind and rough seas.with the crowds dwindling this time of year I will only be fishing on the nicer days. Our next trip will be Thursday 12-7. I will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in, Capt. Rob  Here are some keepers from today.

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