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BOAT LIMIT OF JERSEY JUMBOS TO 16lbs Details Created on Saturday, 14 January 2017 20:32 Written by Capt. Ron Had a great crew out today and the hardest part was first thing this morning was deciding where to go. But thanks to a swift kick in the ass we lucked out and hit some honey holes. Came tight on the anchors and then bam! First fish up was a 12lber caught by Chris and immediately following him was a beautiful 16lber caught by cole (a personal best). Had a real great start to the morning and then bam it shut down. Worked the piece some more and then bounced around a bunch more spots to grind out our boat limit. The guys were real good today and were connecting on almost every fish. Had a good mix of shorts in the am and then a pick in the afternoon with a pick of keepers. Busted off a few slobs throughout the day. Had 3 DD overall today to cap off the boat limit. Cole with his 16lber and Chris with a 12.2 and a 10.6. I'd say 75%of the fish were all over 5lbs, only a few fish that we had to measure in the 15-16 inch range.

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