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Hard to explain the feeling in your gut when you haven't sailed in three days, it blew 25-30 each of those days, the ocean is like chocolate milk and your leaving the dock praying for ONE more day or week of a bite!

Lucky for us there were still some Local fish to catch. We had action right off the bat with plenty of smaller bass, a couple 28 inchers and the bonus fish to help us out.  Bill V and Alex had the hot hands today landing 15 to 18 fish each. Crippled herring, Plain jigs and Jigs with tails worked the best.

Lot's of bait readings on the Machine which is a good thing. Fish will stick around as long as they have something to eat. Weather was good but I guess the customers are waiting for todays report to make up their minds if they want to come tomorrow....Like I always say, Don't wait for the Report, Be the report!

Back at it tomorrow,

Capt. Ron

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