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With the fishing the way it has been it weighs heavy on your mind and body, by the time I finish dinner and take a shower, I can barely keep my eyes open and it is only 7 p.m.!!   I look at every day as a new adventure and I anticipate catching the stripers, and not for the lack of trying, it is not happening. Today  we had plenty of action jigging fish, but they were mostly big blues 10-15 lbs. with only a few stripers mixed in but that is not what the anglers aboard want.  The bait is here, the water temperature has cooled, conditions are right,  so I keep trying using all the many years of experience, waking up in the wee hours of the morning, searching through my old log books and running on gut instinct. The sun will come up tomorrow and the crew and I will be at the dock, ready for our day's adventure and it would be great if you join us.


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