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2009-01-24 - Chilly Week
Oh my, what a cold week it was, phew! Things where quite interesting down here, low 40�s and stayed like that for two days! The sea temp�s on the reef edge went from the mid 70�s to 68 degrees, huge drop and it hurt. Bait has been a struggle and when that happens we know we are in for a long day. No big deal thou just had to work at it all that much harder and we DID and everything worked out great. The only bait we had most of the week was live ballyhoo, great bait but our tactics had to be modified just a bit. When the temp�s drop this much the reef and bottom fishing becomes near impossible, the fish just don�t want to eat so we never even tried. However by the middle of this week everything will be different, should get VERY GOOD. Looking forward to it!! The Sailfishing was slow, had to put your time in to produce 2 to 4 fish a day. The best we had going for us were the Mackerel. The down rod worked rather well, with a double treble hook set up. In order to use the ballyhoos this was necessary. The rig of choice thou turned out to be Gotcha lures, cast them 20 yards or so let them sink and wham got�em on. The fish were 6 to 8lbs perfect size for the small lures, and using 12lb spinning tackle made things even better. Andrew and Chris also set up a few 20lb spinners with a 1/4oz lead in front of the short shot of wire and a stinger rig. This also worked very well, casting back 20yards or so and letting the ballyhoo drift down and back naturally and wait for a bit. The winds were NW and the current was rolling pretty well to the SW most of the week which helped to stay on the fades really well. Hopefully we get some east winds the next day or two; this will help to warm the waters back up. Looking forward to an exciting we have lots going on, ocean side and backcountry.

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