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2009-01-06 - Giant Bluefin in the Boat this morning!
Giant Bluefin - Morehead City, NC

Keith just called in and said they put a 79 inch fish in the boat just now. Fishing at the "knuckle" i think he said... anyway, he said it's slow today and he feels very fortunate. We are hearing the prices are high, hopefully that will proove to be true! Pictures and More info to come....

If anyone wants to go, $200 a head.....still got like 3 weeks left in the season and plenty of decent openings. Come for 2-3 days if you can...

Full Report:

We left the dock at 4:30 am today hoping we could get the day in.The wind was predicted to come on around noon today.We made our way out to NW Places where we read bait yesterday .From there we began working the edge of the shoal at 7:00 Am we started marking bait and had a few birds picking,at 7:10 we marked a few fish then our down rod went off.The first run was a good one we kept him tight as we cleared the rigger baits.About 40 minutes later we had him at the boat we got the dart in him and he took a short run then the dart pulled.After stretching him out again and bringing him back to boat side we were boat side and were able to get the flyer in him.We double tail roped the fish and started dragging him to bleed him out we had a few small cuts in the tail and raked the gills.After this you think the game is over this fish started thrashing with it's tail out of the water and the tail just about broke off it turned 90 degrees.We had the flyer in him and held and used a straight gaff along with two meat hooks .At this point the tail was barely holding on.We had control again.Then came the hard part getting the fish in the boat without a door and without being able to use the tail to lift.We worked it out and finally got him over the side with a few come alongs and a little ingenuity.This fish weighed a surprising 366.5 pounds and cored out at 307 pounds.So far with seven total fishing days,we have logged 480 miles which resulted in 2 bites and 2 fish. Patience ...patience.

Capt Keith

ps: the fish was caught with a pink and white lure tied by "Lil John"

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