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2007-09-02 - Ocean City and New Jersey Fishing Report

Ocean City Maryland & New Jersey Fishing Report

This week saw a mixed bag of some great fishing trips, as well as some bad trips. Weather and the moon played a big factor in fishing over the last week. The red hot overnight tuna bite shut down almostly completely for 2 nights the day before the full moon. Later in the week, a couple days after the moon, the bite began to pick back up, but not to it's earlier levels. Then, some bad weather kept us at the dock for a day, so at this point, we really have not been back out on a full overnighter since the moon has gone through full. On the day trolling trips, things have been mixed. Some days we have gone without a bite, while others have proved quite good. Today, LOW PROFILE, fishing inside the Wilmington Canyon went 3-4 on White Marlin and 2-4 on 70# yellowfin. Two days ago, THATS RIGHT released an estimated 600 pound Blue Marlin, and caught half a dozen tuna. On the flip side, Saturday the weather was rough and LOW PROFILE went without a bite, fishing inshore for Bluefin, and returned to the dock at noon due to the lack of fish and rough conditions. It is safe to say that the inshore Bluefin Action has dried up and become inconsistent at the least. Offshore, things seem to be moving in the right direction, with the tuna beginning to show up inside the canyons in 40-50 fathoms during the day.

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