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Wouldn't you know after yesterday's "Quality" Fishing report and positive conditions for today, the crap would hit the fan!!

Started out in Pea soup fog, dodging ships and tugs. Slow drift and not much of a bite. Fished the edges, the middle and every depth you could imagine trying to find a bite.
Picked at some shorts and a handful of keepers. Vinny "Vintastic" has 3 keepers and a dinner sized keeper Striped bass for high hook honors.

Covered several areas of very good bottom, rocks, snags, even waited for the change of tide late in the day, to no avail!!
Thank god for My Regs who fish with us from day to day, they know the deal from week to week with the bite and actually keep me sane on the tough days like today!
People ask "What do you think happened"? Hell, if I had that answer I'd be rich.
I can just assume, they weren't hungry?

Chartered Friday and Sunday Morning...Afternoon Fishing Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm till 9:00pm for Fluke. I'll be running the Saturday afternoon trip this week, Capt.Bob has a Reunion this week.
"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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