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Fluke,Tog,Sea Bass,Cod
  • 2018-08-06 Jamaica II Brielle

    Mike Collins Toms River NJ leads the August monthly pool with a 7 lb 8 oz Fluke. Lots of 4 - 6 pound Fluke caught this past week along with Seabass up to 4 3 4 poundsA few names Bob Plasket Medford NJ limit Fluke to 6 pounds and limit Seabass to 4 poundsDave Tootchen Phila, Pa limit Fluke to 6 1 2 poundsPete Talevi Trenton NJ limit Fluke to 6 pounds and Seabass to 4 1 2 poundsEric Winters Bristol, Pa limit Fluke to 7 pounds and Bass to 4 poundsBucktailers are catching best, tipping spro jigs with Gulp and a piece of squid or smelt.
  • 2018-07-19 Jamaica II Brielle

    on most trips with some bigger Fluke getting caught. 1 pounder this afternoon(7 19) to take the lead from Ed.
  • 2018-06-06 Jamaica II Brielle

    Ed Nolan Manasquan recently limited on Fluke and Seabass on a morning trip. Seabass limits have been common on afternoon trips and many of the Seabass dont have to be measured (up to 4 lbs)8am Fluke and Seabass 2pm Seabass DAILY except MondaysAll Day Fluke Seabass Marathons 7 30 am every MondayCapt Ryan
  • 2018-05-20 Jamaica II Brielle

    A few names from this week Wes Shourt Manahawkin NJ limit Seabass to 4 lbs with 4 Ling and a Cod mixed inRoy Williams Phila, Pa limit Seabass to 4 1 2 lbs and 5 LingMac Dubois Bristol, Pa limit Seabass to 3 1 2 lbsDave Tootchen Phila. Pa limit Seabass to 4 lbsCarter James Newark, NJ limit Seabass to 3 1 2 lbs 5 Ling and 2 keeper CodCapt Ryanwww.
  • 2017-12-04 Jamaica II Brielle

    Limits are common on most trips with Seabass up to 6 lbs and Porgies up to 4 pounds. 10-18 pound Codfish have been winning many poolsCatches from this past week included Henry Wiggins Phila Pa limit Seabass to 4 lbs 50 Porgies to 3 lbs and a 12 pound CodWes Shourt Manahawkin NJ limit Seabass to 5 lbs and 44 PorgiesEzra Williams Newark NJ limit Seabass to 5 lbs and a limit of Jumbo PorgiesCarl Simms Bristol Pa limit Seabass 47 Porgies and won the pool with a 17 lb Cod9Hour Seabass 6am every Mon and Tues12 Hour Seabass every Thursday 5am NEW - 12 Hour Mudhole wrecks - Ling Cod Seabass every Friday 5am 14 Hour Seabass --3am every Weds, Sat and SundayCapt RyanJamaica II
  • 2017-11-26 Jamaica II Brielle

    4 pound CodBob Plasket Medford NJ limit Seabass to 4 lbs and 31 PorgiesChristoff Oranilom Phila Pa limit Seabass and 41 big PorgiesJake Coniglio Brick NJ limit bass and Porgies. Schedule the same except that ALL WEDNESDAY trips are now 14 HOUR departing 3 amMon and Tues 9 hour 6amWeds, Sat and Sun 14 Hour 3amThurs and Fridays --12 Hour 5am16 Hour Seabass - 2 am December 14, 21, 28, 30 and 31 (limited call for reservation)
  • 2017-11-05 Jamaica II Brielle

    BOAT LIMITS of Seabass on 4 of the 5 trips this week and lots of big Porgies to finish off filling the coolers. Many of the Seabass being caught are 3-5 lbsSpecial catches of the week Roger Bonsante Paterson with a 25 pound CodGrover Medkin Phila, Pa 5.
  • 2017-10-29 Jamaica II Brielle

    Good crowd with a TOTAL BOAT LIMIT on 3 am Marathon Saturday as well as one other day this past week. Jumbo Seabass is the mainstay but some hefty Porgies and beautiful Flounder also caught.
  • 2017-10-23 Jamaica II Brielle

    and now that SEABASS is open some hefty bags of fresh fish filets are going home. Schedule 12 Hour Seabass 5am everyday this week and Weds, Thursday and Friday next week14 Hour Seabass 3 am every Saturday and Sunday9 Hour Seabass 6am every Monday and TuesdayRecent catches Wes Shourt Manahawkin NJ 15 Seabass to 4 lbs 47 Porgies 3 Triggers and 1 CodSam McGowan Linden NJ 15 Seabass and 45 PorgiesEverett Williams Bristol Pa 15 Seabass 50 Porgies 1 CodCornelius Weems Phila Pa 13 Seabass and 47 PorgiesCheck our Facebook page for daily picturesCapt RyanJamaica IIwww.
  • 2017-08-26 Jamaica II Brielle

    Since Aug 19th and the Fluke and Seabass fishing this past week has been the best of the summer.

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