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Tog,Sea Bass,Ling
  • 2016-03-12 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    3-12-16 Flat calm and warm again offshore today,,plenty of life on the bottom as well. We had some nice codfish come to the net,,Pauly nailed the pool fish on a jigging world jig,Dale had two nice keeper Codfish,and a handful of other keepers as well scattered around the boat. Lots of bait around,,saw some mackerel come as well. .So nothing great but we caught some fish,few ling and small pollock as well. Come on down and take a shot at a nice Codfish!!
  • 2016-03-10 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    3-10-16 Not getting tired of saying how nice it was out there today. Looks like a nice day,Life is short,come down and drown some clams!!!!
  • 2016-03-09 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    3-9-16 Another really nice day offshore. We also had a handful of nice codfish,some pollocks,few thing here and there,pretty much the same as all week,no complaints on a day like today,Heading back offshore tomorrow!Come take a shot a nice codfish!!!
  • 2016-03-08 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    3-8-16 Wow was that nice day,,flat calm and warm out there. WE had no lack of action today,,the perch and the dogs were on the feed!!!. .But in between we had some nice codfish come up(pool fish about 15-20lbs).
  • 2016-03-06 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    3-6-16 Wow was that a nice day offshore. really pretty day,,We had good life on the bottom as well. See ya tomorrow!!
  • 2016-02-28 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    2-28-16 Nice day to start but it did get nasty out there this afternoon. Fishing was slow to,,not good life and we only ended up with a handful of keeper blackfish,,a codfish and a pollock. .Winds were howling out of the Sw and seas got pretty dumpy. Stiil we had a big daily pool and the pool winner had his limit and a nice chunk of change. Pauly took home the seasonal. .Congrats Pauly!!!!!!!!!Blackfish season is closed as of today,,we start Codfishing from here on out. but tomorrow is canceled due to high winds and seas for tomorrow. So no fishing tomorrow and on Tuesday we have our annual Coast Guard inspection so no fishing Tuesday either. .I will let you know the next good day to head out to the Codfish grounds!!!!!
  • 2016-02-27 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    2-27-16 Nice day offshore,,we caught a few blackfish,not many but enough to keep you intereseted,especially with some Big fish hooked up. I saw a few big ones lost,,and Pauly nailed a huge fish at 15lbs. 12 oz. .tomorrow is last day,,High hook had 3 keepers Togs. few other singles here and there,few small codfish,few ling,,and guys were catching mackerel and herring on teasers so good life out there. see ya tomorrow.
  • 2016-02-22 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    2-22-16 I can say it was a really pretty day out there today,,ocean was beautiful and warm for this time of year,,,Pretty dull fishing today,,covered some ground looking for some good life and never really found it. Near the end of the day the current started coming out of the Se and we started catching a few fish,Kenny caught 3 keeeper togs,,then a few other keepers came up and Skip ended up catching a nice fish about 8lbs. and took home the pool,,it all came when the water warmed up to 45 degrees offshore with the current. other than a keeper codfish it was a tough day overall. Still nice day out with a great bunch of guys,,as for tomorrow and the next few days we are gonna cancel. Ne winds start tonite after midnite and its gonna be nasty out there tomorrow. No way we are gonna get offshore to where the life is. I will let you know here when the next day is gonna be,,maybe by Friday. .Big pool is now over 3900 bucks and it looks like we are gonna have maybe 3-4 more days to try and beat it. .After the 28th we are gonna start Codfishing everyday. .Stay tuned for next day to fish!!!
  • 2016-02-21 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    2-21-16 Really nice day offshore today,,we started off with some keeper blackfish coming up,,including a pool winning fish that went just under 12 lbs. .handful of other nice fish and it looked like it was gonna be a decent day but the bites we had stopped and it was a struggle to get any more keeper Togs,,besides great weather it was tough fishing,,the fish just got lockjaw for some reason. .still a great day with a great bunch of people. .Looks like tomorrow is gonna be good,,but Tuesday and Wednesday,,maybe Thursday will be nasty so tomorrow is the day to go!!

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