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  • 2015-12-21 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-21-15 WE had very good fishing today,,guys easily caught there limit early in the day,couple guys even had two or three limits and obviously just keeping there own limit but had a blast catching em Pauly again was on fire with a triple plus limit of nice fish. .They wanted the white crabs over the greens. .They also wanted the lighter tackle as well. .30lb. either way great day out with not only numbers but also some quality fish coming over the rail. few fish over 8lb.
  • 2015-12-20 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    they were there,just some were dialed in and some were not . .I will put some pics up tomorrow. got home late tonite,,had to fix a few things on boat when we got in but we are all set for tomorrow.
  • 2015-12-18 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-18-15 Nice day out there today,felt more like blackfish weather. Big ground swell but other than that it was nice. We caught some fish today,,some of the spots had really life on em and we banged away at both keepers and shorts. some real heartbreaks. Regardless we had a nice spread of fish with guys having 4-5 keepers,some 2or3,of course some did not have the touch and got skunked but besides a few dead drops I was happy with the life today. tomorrow looks good even with gusty west winds. .we are fishing shallow so it will not be rough.
  • 2015-12-16 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Pauly had his limit early and kept catching all day,,he ended up with a double limit plus and helped out a few guys who did not have the feel for it. Marty and a few other had a limit as well or maybe 4-5,some didnt have the touch today and struggled but we will have that. .good day overall I thought. .
  • 2015-12-15 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-15-15 Windy day,usually cold but not today. these cold fronts dont have the cold in em. Good fishing most of the day today unlike yesterday where they chewed only in the morning for us. Guys limited out early and easily,,some first timers struggled and did not catch but we made sure they went home with fish,,as everyone onboard did today. pretty decent day out I thought with a great bunch of people. look forward to tomorrow already,weather is gonna be nice again!!
  • 2015-12-14 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-14-15 Besides the fog it was a pretty nice day,not a drop of rain like they were saying. Fishing started off pretty decent and Pauly had his limit of keeper Blackfish by 930. others picked at em and ended up with maybe3,4or 5, and then we started the drifting again due to the wind coming up against the current and the rest of the day we just picked a few here and there. we definately had our best fishing in the morning. .But overall a good day I thought. just some didnt have the fish dialed in like some others. .Tomorrow I like,hard west winds are gonna keep the ocean flat calm. We are not fishing far off the beach so its gonna be a good day tomorrow. See ya for coffee!!
  • 2015-12-11 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-11-15 Very nice again. flat calm. warm. .fishing was good for some,,guys had limits of nice quality fish,,but for a good amount of guys it was slow. some caught none,,some had 1or 2 etc. .it was a picky bite at times. had to be on your game today. .just some were dialed in and some not. kinda typical but the fish were there. .Shrimpman had the pool fish,nice one about 10-11lbs. .Bobby Kojac also had some real quality fish in the 6-8lb.
  • 2015-12-10 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Blackfishing in a tee shirt. .flat calm,summer like on the ocean. Surprised at the small crowd today despite perfect conditons. As for the fishing it was decent again in my book,problem with us today was the amount of big fish we shaved off. Even with some heavier leader the piggies took advantage of us today. Guys managed 4-5 keepers but we lost most of the big fish,,biggest we nailed was11lbs.

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