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Tog,Sea Bass,Ling
  • 2015-11-01 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    11-1-15 First day of November gave us lumpy conditions out there today,,hard southerly wind was the culprit. We dealt with that and some good exotic life,,,the blues were a pain today along with the sharks. You had to work around them to get into the fish. Some did and high hooks had a dozen keeper sea bass. some nice ones to along with shorts but overall it was a tough day I thought. There were more people with only a few keepers than I would have liked to see,we had a couple of keeper codfish to along with some big porgies. .Great bunch of people onboard,,I wish the weather and the catch was a little better but like I said we did catch fish just not as easy or as much as I would have liked. Tomorrow looks nice with light winds so it should be much better day.
  • 2015-10-31 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-31-15 That was nice today,,nice crowd and decent fishing overall. High hooks had a dozen keeper sea bass,,most averaged 6-10 with lots of throwbacks. no lack of action,few did struggle but overall a good bite today. Tomorrow looks good again. see ya then.
  • 2015-10-25 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-25-15 Lumpy for the most part today,not rough but all day a weird swell kept us sideways and rocking most of the day. Still it was decent. did alot of moving around picking fish off here and there,,fair numbers of sea bass that just missed the mark,,some keepers mixed in but you had to work for it. we also had some nice shot at ling along with some of the bigger sea bass of the day when we tried some deeper stuff. even a few flounders,,throwback flukes,,a banded rudder fish,some nice porgies. .All in all a nice day,everyone had nice fish to go home with. .some did really well,,some not so well but everyone had a good day I thought. .got some pics coming up. .tomorrow looks awesome!!
  • 2015-10-24 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-24-15 Today we had decent life on most stops again,,a few kinda duds but overall we had steady action on both sea bass and some really nice chops. Again you had to do some weeding out of the smaller fish but most of the guys who were fishermen put together a catch of fish. .Pool fish was a monster that went about 5-6lbs. .overall a nice day out with a great group of people. .I like the weather for tomorrow so pack up a cooler and come down and join the party!!Looks like its gonna be a nice day and the fishing is good.
  • 2015-10-23 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-23-15 Another fun day out there,loads of action on almost every drop. More weeding through some smaller sea bass today than yesterday but everyone caught fish,,some guys did catch a limit,some had only a few or maybe 8-10,some guys were just in the right spot today and did better than others,,few spots we had some really jumbo porgies come up,,it was a nice bonus but overall I was happy with the catch as a whole and the life on every spot. it was fun. The whole weekend looks like it gonna be nice,,come down and get in on the action.
  • 2015-10-18 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-18-15 WE made it out today,fishing was very good for a couple of guys,,TImmy had a couple of nice winter flounders,,a nice codfish and over 20 lings,,Joey did well to with the pool winning codfish and over 25 lings,,some guys struggled but the fish were there for the taking. .,,as for tomorrow(monday) we are not fishing. So no fishing next few days ,I will let you know here if we are going. Remember Thursday we start sea bass season so make sure you get here early.
  • 2015-10-17 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    10-17-15 Ocean was actually decent given all the wind we had but the current made it tough today to fish deep. It was tough to hold bottom so it hurt our fishing. High hook had 8 ling and we had a few codfish but overall it was no good due to the current. Tomorrow should be much better. see you then.

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