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Tog,Sea Bass,Ling
  • 2016-02-02 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    2-2-16 Wow,,was that a nice day. fish were chewing to,Good life on the bottom and we had decent bites all day,,We slowly just picked away at some nice fish,I think Sal had the pool fish,,He a 10lb,fish,and three others in the 5-7 lb. range. others had a limit as well,,some 1,2,or 3 and some just had shorts but overall we had a good day,,Check out a few pics,,,tomorrow we are not fishing. high winds rough seas so stay home,,Thursday looks like the next nice day. .
  • 2016-02-01 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    No keeper blackfish onboard so a ling took the money. Tough day all around with a strong current out of the southeast. Little life. Not even much in the way of trash fish. Next day out we are gonna have to head way back out to the southeast and look for better life,,that day looks likeWednesday or Thursday.
  • 2016-01-23 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    1-23-15 Very nice out there today,flat calm and warm. .Unlike yesterday we had a nice group of great people today show up to fish. unfortunately the fish were not in the mood to chew. .Actually I take that back,,the eels and dogfish were in the mood,,They kept everyone busy today but the Togs were tough to come by. Some guys caught some,Mr. O and Mr. P were dialed in and caught some nice fish,they had around 3-4 each I believe,,but most had one or none. .Not good at all,for most anyway. Some Codfish showed up again but most were small,maybe one keepers,few ling. Overall a tough bite for most,,but a really nice day on the water,,Tomorrow we are canceled,no fishing,,Sunday is questionable but I will make that decision tomorrow.
  • 2016-01-21 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Had decent life today early,,picked at keepers and plenty of shorts mixed in. Not good though,moved around looking for better and just picked here and there,,some spots had good life and you pick at the fish,others were just shorts. In the end a few had limits,Sammy was high hook with his limit plus and some had 1,2,or maybe 3 keepers,,Some just had the short curse catching up to ten chuckers. .No big ones today,,maybe tomorrow they will put the feedbag on for us,,We are fishing tomorrow. Weather looks good before the storm we get over the weekend.
  • 2016-01-15 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    1-15-16 Pretty nice overall out there today,,got a bit lumpy on the ride home but overall a warm nice day for January. The fishing today was good for some,,few guys had a limit,,I believe the pool winner and High hook had maybe 7 keepers,,That was Rob V. and he was hot today and took home a large pool worth 560 bucks. He was dialed in on every drop today,had both keepers and shorts coming all day. he even donated fish to those who could not get the bite going which is awesome. .But on the other end we also had quite a few guys who did not catch anything today,,we also had some with 1,or 2 etc. .so overall it was good for some and not good for others. White crabs worked better today than the greens. I do not like the forecast for tomorrow,,Ne winds tonite 30knots turning around and going North then Northwest early in the morning but I dont like the chances of having a good day. so we are gonna cancel Saturday. Lets wait until Sunday,,the swell will be gone by then.
  • 2016-01-07 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    1-7-15 Nice out there again,,the bite was off a little though. we picked some fish each stop. Few guys did get a limit of fish,but there were alot of shorts today for some reason. .Joe took home both pools with a 9lb. and they did chew both whites and greens today. few guys 2-3 keepers on just greens so the crab didnt matter.
  • 2015-12-21 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    12-21-15 WE had very good fishing today,,guys easily caught there limit early in the day,couple guys even had two or three limits and obviously just keeping there own limit but had a blast catching em Pauly again was on fire with a triple plus limit of nice fish. .They wanted the white crabs over the greens. .They also wanted the lighter tackle as well. .30lb. either way great day out with not only numbers but also some quality fish coming over the rail. few fish over 8lb.
  • 2015-12-20 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    they were there,just some were dialed in and some were not . .I will put some pics up tomorrow. got home late tonite,,had to fix a few things on boat when we got in but we are all set for tomorrow.

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