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The DEP is moving ahead with its promise to build a reef dedicated to boaters coming out of Manasquan Inlet. The new reef site is just east of Manasquan, and on June 27 it received an 87-foot trawler as its star attraction. That vessel was donated by Roy Diehl of Belford, and the preparation costs were funded by the Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association. Manasquan Inlet Reef Latitude/Longitude NWCorner4005.653'07400.000' NECorner4004.945'07358.728' SWCorner4004.891'07400.000' SECorner4004.175'07358.728' Distance Offshore=1.7n.m Reef Area=0.95sq.mi. Depth Range=67-74ft. Ocean fluking has picked up with a better drift today after there was very little on the Fourth. The two sea bass limit also helps put some fish in the coolers. That's especially important for the Golden Eagle from Belmar on their Afternoon ishing & Sunset Cruise trips as bluefish jigging has been very spotty. Al Miranda of Perth Amboy won the Fourth of July pool on the Elaine B II from Bhrs in Highlands with a 4 7/16-pound fluke. Dave Lilly of Hazlet went back offshore yesterday to where he caught a 10.3-pound doormat Sunday morning, but couldn't even hook a keeper. He was even more surprised to fish Ambrose Channel without a fluke -- the first time he's ever seen that on the Fourth. He did catch what he thought was a tomcod, but was actually a spotted hake. That 10-inch ling-like fish with white spots is fairly common along the coast, but only hooked occasionally by anglers. It's always been a mystery to me why that member of the prolific cod family is just a stray. Nick Honachefsky of Normandy Beach sent a photo with a 65-to-70-pound yellowfin tuna he caught in Chicken Canyon this week, but noted that was the only catch for the Killer Bea. The Mimi VI will be sailing open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week for lots of ling plus winter flounder, sea bass and a possible cod. Call Capt. Kenny Namowitz at 732 370-8019. I got a shock this morning in Shark River when I switched from a popper to a 4-inch Tsunami Shad and hooked a 24-inch striper at slack water while reeling fast to keep the lure off bottom. That was the end of my luck, but Vinnie D'Anton did some wading and used his Chug Bug to catch a 30-inch striper plus a 23-incher and a small one. Unfortunately, the 30-incher had some of the fungus-like spots tht we've also seen in some surf bass this year.

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