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Sorry for the late report but I had someplace to be at 3:30 and just walked in the door. It was slow fishing today. The fish popped up for a very short time today, we landed a couple fish on the shads but then they just shut down and would not eat. We ended up with a couple more on bait later in the day but that was it. I'm looking at tomorrows weather and they are calling for east winds with gusts to 30. If we had wind and tide together I would say come on down, Unfortunately its going to be wind against the tide and that's gonna make it nasty. We will probably lay side to the sea and roll our #@#%  off.. I know a few of you had bought tickets in advance I would let you use them on another trip if you would like or I can refund your money. You can give me a call tonight and let me know what you would like to do. They may change the forecast later, originally it was gusts to 25 knots now its  gusts to30 knots . My advise as of now is to stay home. If they change it later and downgrade it if that's the case, I will post it later.
Thanks for checking in, Capt. Rob




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