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AM- This morning we had the Dennis O'Neil charter out. Loaded the wells and had to do a little searching. Found some great readings, but the fish weren't aggressive to the baits. Managed to land a keeper, a short, several blues and pulled the hook on a few bass at the boat. Once we lost the tide, we took a ride and found some more readings. Put the mojos in, and had non-stop action for an hour landing a dozen bass to 27# (ORL).

PM- This afternoon we hosted our open boat trip. Reloaded the wells and went right to where we left them As soon as the first bunker hit the water, we had our first fish on and in the boat. Unfortunately the fish stopped eating the bunker, so we put the mojos back out. Excellent fishing for the next 2 hours landing another 14 keeper sized fish, both unders and overs with fish to 30#. Boxed our limit of unders and 3 overs (ORL) while releasing the rest.


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