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  • 2018-10-09 Prowler Atlantic Highlands

    Hey gang not a lot of people down the harbor today we had 10 regulars aboard our boat today what a change from yesterday the ocean was flat calm We made like 5 drops today beat on the porgies for the first hour and also caught in released some false albacore and then went offshore for the sea bass, Plenty of sea bass action we had to weed through the 11 and 12 inch fish so many of them thought we were able to put some real nice keepers in the coolers not a lot of tog today only a couple, tomorrow is going to be a nice day out on the ocean so come on down because Thursday and Friday don't look good, Thank you Captain Scott. fishing ever day now 730am to 230pm weather permitting
  • 2018-10-08 Atlantic Star Atlantic Highlands

    Atlantic Highlands bottom fishing October 8 08 October 2018 Capt. Tom Due to the weather (strong northeast wind) we only made the morning rip today. We are half day bottom fishing for sea bass blackfish and porgies making two trips (8am to 12 30 and 1 30 to 6pm).
  • 2018-10-08 Miss Belmar Belmar

    The Miss Belmar Princess is the largest, fastest and cleanest fishing boat in Belmar. With Miss Belmar s 3 engines and a total of 2,100 horsepower, she is the first boat to the fishing grounds every day and we guarantee it.
  • 2018-10-08 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Opening Day of Sea Bass Fishing Report October 8, 2018 Awesome day of sea bass fishing today. Loads of fish on most of the spots we stopped on We also had some porgy,triggerfish and small weakfish mixed in as well Lots of fun Winds were cranking out of the east and the ocean was a little lumpy was the only down side today,glad tomorrow winds are gonna be light so we are shaping up to have a nice day tomorrow come on down and get in on some great fishing!!
  • 2018-10-08 Seahunter Atlantic Highlands

    The conditions would not have been favorable in the only area there are some Stripers to be caught, so we cancelled the trip. I know how it is in the early season on weekdays and I don't want you making the trip for nothing, See you soon, Capt. Rob
  • 2018-10-08 Dorothy B Atlantic Highlands

    Monday was opening day of Sea Bass, and it being a holiday, we were at the dock extra early ready to meet the crowds of eager anglers. Tomorrow's weather looks much better, so we will be at the dock ready for the day's fishing adventure.

  • 2018-10-07 Atlantic Star Atlantic Highlands

    Atlantic Highlands porgy fishing October 6 and 7 07 October 2018 Capt. Tom For some reason yesterdays report did not make the site but the pictures did but we made both morning and afternoon trips. On the morning trip we had a slow pick but we tried to find better fishing.
  • 2018-10-07 Fisher Price IV Highlands

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  • 2018-10-07 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Monday looks great Fishing Report October 7, 2018 We are having a very good day today on the Fishing grounds Plenty of porgy coming up and some nice blackfish We are all set to start Sea Bass fishing tomorrow Get down early and grab a spot as soon as we get nice crowd we will be leaving so it might be an early departure Monday morning . Its gonna be a lot of fun see ya for coffee tomorrow.

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