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  • 2015-01-20 Ristori Bay Head

    Why were they allowed to do that when NJ was not New Jersey was forced into a region with Connecticut and New York. Another reason NJ was forced into regionalization was due to a disparity in the regulations in the Raritan Bay area where the commission deemed it was unfair for NJ anglers to have a 2 lower size limit than anglers from NY who were fishing in essentially the same waters.
  • 2015-01-20 Canyon Runner Point Pleasant

    Please call ASAP - if you plan on coming - 732-842-6825We'll open the doors at 9am for Registration and FREE BreakfastClasses Start at 10am sharp. 10 FREE Tickets for Any Military Personal - just call!
  • 2015-01-20 Norma K Point Pleasant

    Skip won the pool today with a 8lb Blackfish!White crabs worked the best today!
  • 2015-01-19 Ristori Bay Head

    On Saturday there were 30 keepers up to 8 pounds out of 200 cod. Though I don't know where Capt. Al was fishing, those were just day trips from a port not very far from the Shore -- and that volume of small cod is very encouraging at a time of year when skippers are usually just hoping for a few big ones.
  • 2015-01-19 Norma K Point Pleasant

  • 2015-01-18 Adam Bomb Cape May

    We've had some tough weather over the last week for fishing. Coming next month, we will be hosting our second annual South Jersey Fishing Seminar circuit and kicking it off at Island Marine Center in Ocean View.
  • 2015-01-18 Norma K Point Pleasant

    Weekend Wrap-Up January 17th and 18th Tough fishing for us this weekend. Its hard to believe with the good fishing we had Thursday and Friday that there no life in the area over the weekend.
  • 2015-01-17 Ristori Bay Head

    It should be a lot warmer tomorrow, but with lots of rain in the forecast it should be a good day to watch football games. There were no reports today, which gives you a good idea about what's going on at this time.
  • 2015-01-16 Ristori Bay Head

    The winter mackerel run was all we've had left, as the much bigger spring run up the coast has been such a failure for many years that skippers don't even look for them any more. When I questioned NOAA Fisheries about this last year they admitted their management plans indicating a healthy fishery were based on old data -- and noted that even the big commercial vessels with huge ranges hadn't been able to find mackerel.

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