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  • 2021-02-10 Ristori Bay Head

    Posted on February 10, 2021 ASMFC to consider exceptions to circle hook requirement for striper fishing The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is looking into the possibility of making some practical exceptions to its requirement that circle hooks be used with natural baits for striper fishing in order to reduce angling mortality. That method is very popular in New England, and I ve never heard of a striper swallowing the long tube after hitting the worm on the hook.
  • 2021-02-09 Ristori Bay Head

    Posted on February 9, 2021 NJ Governor s Cup Surf Fishing Tournament coming back on May 23 After becoming another victim of the pandemic, the N. J. Governor s Cup Surf Fishing Tournament is coming back in 2021 on Sunday, May 23 at Island Beach State Park. Ric Gross of Point Pleasant got a rare Florida fishing thrill catching a wahoo while sailing aboard Deja Vu from Pompano Beach to 400-foot depths off Deerfield Beach.
  • 2021-02-07 Ristori Bay Head

    The Ocean Explorer from Belmar sailed for jumbo blackfish yesterday, but the wind blew even harder than expected and the seas got too rough as only a pool winner by Howard and a few ling were caught before an early return. Monday s forecast is for northwest winds at 10-15 knots with gusts to 20 before diminishing to 5-10 knots in the afternoon.
  • 2021-02-06 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    It was good to get back out there today,well half the day anyway It got pretty sporty in the afternoon,wind started howling alot harder than expected Fishing was slow again,Howard caught our only pool winning blackfish Deeper water was the only place we found any fish . so overall a slow day .
  • 2021-02-06 Ristori Bay Head

    Jeff was the director of the American Littoral Society fish tagging program at Sandy Hook and a youngish-looking 54. Jeff converted files of tagging cards into computerized information that was especially helpful to NMFS, ASMFC and MAFMC in the early days of fishery management I was an active participant in the ALS tagging program from the beginning, and often fished with Jeff on tagging trips as his efforts led to great increases in tagging and scientific knowledge which will be a lasting testimony to a life well spent even if much too short.
  • 2021-02-05 Dauntless Point Pleasant Beach

    Pick a nice day and give it a try. We are trying everyday weather permitting.
  • 2021-02-05 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    We are looking good to head offshore tomorrow(saturday) and looks for some JUMBOS!!!See ya tomorrow
  • 2021-02-05 Ristori Bay Head

    Posted on February 5, 2021 Striped bass management plan to be updated The following release updates striped bass management planning Atlantic Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Amendment 7 PID for Public Comment The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board approved for public comment the Public Information Document (PID) for Draft Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Atlantic Striped Bass. The Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board will meet at the Commission s 2021 Spring Meeting in May to consider public comment and provide direction to staff for items to be included in Draft Amendment 7.

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