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  • 2021-02-05 Ristori Bay Head

    Posted on February 5, 2021 Striped bass management plan to be updated The following release updates striped bass management planning Atlantic Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Amendment 7 PID for Public Comment The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board approved for public comment the Public Information Document (PID) for Draft Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Atlantic Striped Bass. The Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board will meet at the Commission s 2021 Spring Meeting in May to consider public comment and provide direction to staff for items to be included in Draft Amendment 7.
  • 2021-02-04 Ristori Bay Head

    Saturday was rough, and poor results didn t discourage an all-star cast on Sunday when conditions were perfect on a flat calm ocean. As a result, whenever the weather is right, the Ocean Explorer will be trying in the usual mid-winter 120-foot depths.
  • 2021-02-03 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Needless to say we need a few days of the water to settle down . So see ya Saturday morning .
  • 2021-02-03 Ristori Bay Head

    Posted on February 3, 2021 Garcia aided 200-mile limit fight It s not surprising that the present Abu Garcia doesn t know about the original Garcia Corporation s part in saving what was left of America s marine resources after foreign fleets drove one species after another to levels so low that it wasn t worth fishing for them any longer. Taking TV reporters offshore to view the huge fleets helped garner that public support within a few years.
  • 2021-02-02 Ristori Bay Head

    The Mitchell factory in the French Alps pumped out millions of spinning reels, but the executives weren t experienced anglers as they had only small trout in streams to fish for. Only small fish were biting, but a problem surfaced right away as I could hardly reel since all the screws were popping out.
  • 2021-02-01 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    We had an all star crew show up to hopefully get into some Big Togs like we did on Wednesday,so we headed out and into the area that we had all those big fish Water temp was perfect,same as the other day ocean was flat calm but we must of had some cold water settle into the bottom because the bites were few and far between . It looks like after this storm we will be fishing our offshore area where we usually fish in Febuary this time of year when the water gets cold its the only place we can catch blackfish .
  • 2021-02-01 Ristori Bay Head

    Traveling along the coast to visit tackle shops put me in a position to learn much more about fishing, particularly in New England where I became a fishing partner of the great plug innovator, Stan Gibbs and many other top anglers while catching striped bass larger than I d ever dreamed of. Tom Lenk was the visionary president of Garcia who turned a small Spanish importing firm into the the giant of the fishing tackle business by introducing mass merchandising techniques into what had been a small store business by introducing Mitchell spinning reels to the public and bringing the price of getting into that relatively new to Americans method of fishing into the range most anglers.
  • 2021-01-31 Norma K Point Pleasant Beach

    After a brutal cold day on the water yesterday we were able to make it offshore today and catch a few Blackfish. I will post some pictures on our Facebook page.

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