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  • 2014-06-09 ElaineB Highlands

    John Shaffren, Newark, NJ, boated a 9 pound 4 ounce BEAUTY which is our largest of this young fluke season---SO FAR--- and his personal best!!!Mike Panko, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., spent the last day of his vacation fishing with his friends and had a nice 5 pound 1 ounce fish as part of his catch.
  • 2014-06-09 Reel Class Point Pleasant

    Tried 80' - NG, tried 100' NG, had some life at 120' but it was mostly bergalls, a few big seabass and a nice 25 cod, but in 230' we had a nice pick of mixed size ling, with the biggest being the biggest ling I've ever seen at an even 5 !In total we had about 75 fish total in the box for the day - definitely less seabass Sunday than Saturday.
  • 2014-06-09 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Nice pool fish though,about 6-7 lbs. Had to move around and check different areas cause where we were yesterday was no good,but by the end of the day fishing got a little better I thought and the water warmed up,the end of the day had the fish jumping on the gulps but they were not really inhaling it,you really had to let them eat to get the hook in it.
  • 2014-06-09 Captain Ron Atlantic Highl

    Decided after yesterdays good fishing to take the guys out and give it hell. Fished several area's trying to find the bigger fish that wanted to eat without much success.
  • 2014-06-09 Seahawk Sandy Hook

    The evening trips have been seeing alot of action with the bluefish. Saturday night saw the best fishing with nonstop action and Sunday evening was also good with the poolfish being a 19lb Striper.
  • 2014-06-09 SeaStar Cape May

    Mike Emers of Tabernacle, NJ., Steve Engels of Benton, KS took Pools aboard the SEA STAR III this week on Daytime trips and Ed Slavinskas of Villas, NJ took the Pool on our PRIME TIME Drumfish trip. CONGRATULATIONS!The SEA STAR III only fished a few days this week due to the poor weather.
  • 2014-06-08 Seahunter Atlantic Highl

    Not a slaughter today but a nice steady pick of Big Blues with no Stripers mixed in today. We will finish out the week with BASS AND BLUES and then turn our attention to the Fluke this coming weekend.
  • 2014-06-08 Big Mohawk Belmar

  • 2014-06-08 Captain Cal Belmar

    Most of the day we had action where ever we stopped, the short fluke kept the group busy all around the rail. some of the group went home with 4 keepers , others went home with 2-3 keeper fluke.

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