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Posted on September 21 2020 Sept. 21st Update! Mother nature has not given us a break the past few day however it did let us and the crew get a few things done before its time to go fishing on Wednesday. We are going to give it a day to settle down and we will be back on the water on Wednesday! Looking foward to getting back out there! The weather is looking great right through the weekend for a change! Come on down and join us!Don t forget night Bluefishing every Friday and Saturday night! The weather is finally going to be good this weekend like I said before and we are ready to get back to night fishing as well!IT S PORGY AND BLACKFISH TIME!RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL OF OUR TRIPS!!!!!!SAILING EVERY DAY FOR PORGY S AND BLACKFISH!3 4 DAY!7 30AM-2 30PM!WE WILL HAVE BOTH CLAMS AND GREEN CRABS ON BOARD!1 2 NIGHT BLUEFISHING EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT!7 30PM-1AM! SEA BASS OPENS OCTOBER 8TH! WE WILL CONTINUE BLUEFISHING EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT!RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL OF OUR TRIPS!For more information or for reservations please give us a call at 732-496-5383!Hope to see you soon!

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