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Caught the last of the outgoing in the Ocean where we finished up yesterday with some Big Fish.

We started the day where we left off with some nice fish coming aboard, including the second keeper of the day at 8.8 pounds caught by Dave Bachovchin fishing in the Starboard Bow. Didn't have my glasses on and the Boka was telling me 10 pounds! Sorry Dave but it was still a Great Pool fish!

Big Dave in the stern had another beauty at 6 plus and several other fish that made the cut. Fished several area's as the Bait life were we've been fishing seems to be disappearing, short life with some keepers on long drifts.

Had a nice pic of keepers and shorts at the end of the day with a fast drift, seems we are back to normal Fluking for the time being. Time to go in search mode as we have beaten the channel to death!


Capt. Ron

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