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The Bass Gods have been smiling on us so far this fall.....Another awesome day of Striped Bass fishing. Pool fish at 43 inches, 32 pounds caught by Rob fishing in the bow. Just about all keeper size fish when the bite turns on. By the end of the day we were tossing 29-30 inch fish back to fight another day!

Jigs once again were the Hot ticket..... Guys, you have to listen to the crew and the what I'm telling you on the PA......When we say Hit the bottom and TURN THE HANDLES...it means Reel!!  All the years I have been doing this and I still have to look over the side and see customers bouncing the jigs like they are Fluke fishing!! Yes, it's a lot of work but if you want the reward you gotta do what you are instructed to do.

Another false accusation is "We do Not" wait till the end of the day to catch them....just happens that right now the bite has been on the out going tide, which took most of the morning to happen today. If we were that good and could time the bite, don't you think I'd get it done early and go the Hell home! LOL

Back at it tomorrow. Don't let the weather asses scare you, this is Fall fishing at it's finest. We are the original "FISHING IN THE SNOT" Party Boat!!!


Capt. Ron

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