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Nobody raking leaves today, But today would have been the day to do it. We had a nice gang today I had gotten a call early from one of the charter boats who was at the grounds around 7:30. The report was mostly Stripers hardly any Blues and they were biting good.I got all geared up and got the bonus tags ready and put on my boots ,ready to gaff and net like I have been doing since Wednesday. As we got close to the grounds I could see all the birds just like its been the past four days. Unfortunately we were getting there at the end of the tide and I was told they weren't biting as good.I figured not a problem they will get hungry again at the change of tide and we will be fine even if its half as good as its been. To make a long story short they never did get very hungry. We had a couple drifts that we picked at some fish but they were mostly Blues with a very odd Striper. A couple guys caught a half dozen some two or three and some had none. After 10:30 even when we stopped on good marks on the fish finder they wouldn't eat. The past few days that was happening around noon the fish were shutting down, But by then we had already had plenty of fish, But not today. Today they shut down early and that was it there nothing I could do about it. All in all a frustrating day. I know this time of year everyone has lots to do including me. With that said we are not going to fish tomorrow with the forecast of drizzle,rain and fog. As of now they are calling for west wind on Tuesday15-20 with gusts to 30 if that forecast stays the same and they don't increase it or switch it to NW we will give it a shot. If we don't go Tuesday then Wednesday for sure we will be going. The best thing to do this time of year is give me a call and let me know your schedule and if  and when you plan on coming down. 732-291-4468. I am planning on fishing till next weekend for sure then I will play it by ear. It all has to do with the fishing the weather and the participation.
                       Thanks , Capt. Rob

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