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  • 2018-09-23 Norma K Point Pleasant Beach

    We picked at few Fluke the past few days but it was slow overall. Great Bluefishing last night with lots of Blues coming over the rail ranging from 3-7lbs.
  • 2018-09-23 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Sunday Fishing Report September 23, 2018 Rainy sunday morning and we did not make it out fishing today Looks like hard Northeast winds tomorrow and Tuesday so no fishing until maybe Wednesday. .
  • 2018-09-23 Seahunter Atlantic Highlands

    The way the fluke fishing was the past couple weeks, I'm glad its over. All in all I cant complain, this years fluke season was much better then last years.
  • 2018-09-23 Prowler Atlantic Highlands

    We finished up the day on some porgy bottom and it was drop and reel fishing once they turned on and we left them biting. Thanks Capt Jack
  • 2018-09-22 Atlantic Star Atlantic Highlands

    Atlantic Highlands fluke fishing September 22 22 September 2018 Capt. Tom Made the last two half day fluke trips for 2018 today. On the morning trip the wind diminished and we picked again but only had one keeper.
  • 2018-09-22 Ocean Explorer Belmar

    Just could not be beat And another congrats to Ritchie F. who won the jumbo daily pool today worth almost 1300 bucks We had a very tough day today conditions wise,the wind was cranking and made it very tough to drift We bounced around all day hitting wrecks and rocks on the anchor and caught some fish off each drop,not good but some did manage to get some fish. Few even had a limit of fluke Biggest was Ritch with a 6lb pool winner .
  • 2018-09-22 Miss Belmar Belmar

    The Miss Belmar Princess is the largest, fastest and cleanest fishing boat in Belmar. With Miss Belmar s 3 engines and a total of 2,100 horsepower, she is the first boat to the fishing grounds every day and we guarantee it.
  • 2018-09-21 Seahunter Atlantic Highlands

    After not getting out for a couple days I was hoping for the best but it was the worst. We have one more shot tomorrow then that's it for the Fluke.
  • 2018-09-21 Miss Belmar Belmar

    September 21st, 2018 Stripers Blues Charters We had excellent fishing all day today right from the start!With Miss Belmar s 3 engines and a total of 2,100 horsepower, she is the first boat to the fishing grounds every day and we guarantee it.
  • 2018-09-21 Rock Bottom Point Pleasant

    Open fluke and ling this weekend Details Created on Friday, 21 September 2018 13 44 Written by Capt. Ron Still some spots this weekend We have some openings for this Saturday and after that we will be ling cod flounder Fishing until seabass opens. We are also starting to take charters and reservations for seabass as well 7328415041 Saturday 9 22 - 2 spots flukeSunday 9 23 - 6 spots ling Bottom fish

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