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Striped bass is a true trophy fish in NYC, often weighing over 50 pounds and putting up a fight when you reel one in. Depending on the time of year, you can fish for stripers in many of the waters around NYC, including both fresh and saltwater. Boat fishing can get you out to large schools in deep water and shore fishing is often possible in cooler weather and during evenings when bass are closer to shore.

Best Striped Bass Fishing Equipment

Wherever you are fishing for striped bass, you will need the proper gear to attract and handle these impressive fish. The gear you choose will depend on your method and skill level. For instance, ly fishing for striped bass is possible but is an advanced method. Most anglers will instead choose between bottom fishing or shore fishing instead.

The options for tackle for these methods include:

  • Spinning Tackle – For the average striped bass, a medium action rod with a 20lb braided line will be enough to handle most fish. You can cast light lures and small live baits with this gear.
  • Casting Tackle – If you are going to be bottom fishing, chunking, or trolling, you should opt for a 7’ to 7.5’ medium rod with 30lb braided line. With this setup, you can cast heavier baits and lures and handle some of the larger striped bass.
  • Shore Fishing – Shore fishing for striped bass can use any of the shore fishing equipment you already have. For those completely new to the sport, a 12” medium heavy spinning rod is good starter equipment for striped bass.

If you plan on fishing for extremely large bass or trolling, you will need heavier tackle to handle the strength of a larger fish, so consider your plans when purchasing any reels and tackle.

There are a few different rigs that are popular with striped bass. Many anglers particularly like a high-low rig when fishing in striper schools during the migratory season since this allows you to catch more bass. Fish finder rigs are also ideal for larger bass.

The best bait for striper fishing is going to be live bait since this is what bass eat in their natural environment. Some prime baits for bass fishing in NYC include:

  • Porgy
  • Mackerel
  • Sandworms
  • Clams
  • Squid
  • Eels

Chunking your bait by cutting it up into small pieces can also be highly effective in attracting stripers and preventing other fish and crustaceans from stealing your bait off the hook.

Now that you have all your equipment, it is time to get out on the water and start fishing for striped bass. If you want a chance at some of the most impressive bass in NYC and the best fishing experience, head out on the Marilyn Jean to enjoy NYC deepwater fishing. We have public fishing trips almost every day during bass season. See what is available and purchase your tickets on our calendar.

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