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Day 4 of the MidAtlantic was another beautiful one, and lots of fish were trolled in the canyons --  but there was surprisingly little change in the major categories among the 131 boats fishing. There had only been one really large dolphin caught during the first three days, , and that 35-pounder was blasted out of first when Fishing for MD weighed a 53-pound giant. Jamie Diller added a 24-pounder from his Canyon Lady out of Stone Harbor. George Conway had a 56-pound wahoo on Placid C's from Atlantic Highlands to move into third in that category. There were several tuna weighed, but none over 71 pounds. That left the first day's 76-pounder on Reelin Feelin in third behind the two large bigeyes. Lots of white marlin were hooked once again, though none were large enough to be weighed. Just as in the recent White Marlin Open, there's lots of soft spots to shoot at during the last day, but some boats have already used up their days.

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