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There's some good variety fishing right now, but all bets are off with days of northeast winds coming up.  Vinny D'Anton fished Monmouth County beaches this morning that held lots of bait but no predators yesterday. Yet, there was lots of action this morning as D'Anton raised eight stripers to his Chug Bug and caught half of them up to 30 inches. He returned late in the afternoon with friends for the expected blitz, only to find no action in the south wind. I joined Chuck Many of Annandale for an afternoon trip to take advantage of what might be the last good weather for some time. It was beautiful, and the variety fishing worked out well. Many first worked rough bottom spots in Raritan Bay where porgies and tiny sea bass did a job on our sandworms. Yet, Many also released a 13 1/2-inch sea bass -- the first time I've seen one that large in shallow bay waters rather than in Ambrose Channel.  We also got into some small school stripers on the smallest Tsunami shads. A move to the Hudson River resulted in a hot bite of large weakfish, as we released 32 while Many added a 26-inch striper to bring that total to five. I also released three fluke up to 17 inches, a 16-inch blackfish and more porgies and little sea bass -- all on sandworms. Let's hope the northeast holds off for awhile in the morning. The weather forecast of small craft warnings today plus rain in the morning was way off. The Queen Mary cancelled their trip based on that forecast, and most other boats also stayed at the dock in the best weather we may see for some time.

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