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2011-01-26 - Hatteras Fishing Update - Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna Fishing

We decided early on this year not to return to Morehead City and chase the Giant Bluefin around this season. The last couple years, the bite has really not been very good, and when the Bluefin are not around, there is little else to fish for there in the Winter. As it turns out, the bite was even worse this year and we feel fortunate to have made the decision to move to Hatteras.

LOW PROFILE is now based out of Hatteras, where we had an incredible bluefin bite last year in late February and early March. Also, Yellowfin Tuna can be found year round, and there is some very good inshore fishing for Blackfin Tuna, Amberjack, and King Mackeral. Capt. Darrin Callahan, long time Hatteras native is at the helm for his second season with us. Read below his first hand report on what's been going on and what he expects over the next month or so.

Capt. Darrin Callahan

Capt. Darrin Callahan

Cape Hatteras, Fishing Report - January 20111

December started off on a pretty good note here in Hatteras with a nice bite materializing up around the North East Rocks. The fish were there good and the boats that got out all had their shots, most coming back to the dock with a fish to offload. Darrin got out once with The Gambler, decking a fish that dressed out at 250 pounds. The run was about 28 miles out of Hatteras and the fish were holding in about 70 degree water, on a hard color change/temperature edge. Unfortunately they didn’t stay there too long and the weather got the best of them for much of the rest of December. With the hectic winds and cold temperatures in the first couple weeks of January, only a handful of boats have been out. Darrin’s been out twice and has seen a lot of bait, porpoises and running mates (of the tuna) in and around his fishing hotspots. Now we are waiting for the hard edge of cold water butt up against a body of warm water to come into the rocks so these trophies can find the bait. There has been loads of bait around the north beach and right now the offshore water temp. has been between 64 and 66 degrees. With the amount of bait holding in the area it is just a matter of time before the bluefins find it and decide to hang around for the winter. When they do show up, the run should be pretty short, only about 25-35 miles.

Last year, the Bluefin started to concentrate pretty well around the rocks starting in mid February. By late February, it was ON! We had the fish really good for about 4-6 weeks until mid to the end March when they moved up around the corner and the Oregon Inlet boys got their chance to whack up on em and we switched over to Yellofin Fishing. These Bluefins ranged in size from 160 to 270 average with some larger fished mixed in and provided great opportunities to target them jigging as well as trolling. Of course, Bluefin have tails and a mind of their own, but if things go the way they have, we’d expect more and more fish to be showing up, as we move into late January and early Feb. Just need the weather to cooperate so more boats can get out and look around.

On a side note, the Yellowfin have been around as well, so when the Bluefin don’t show, we’ve got some other options!

We have a couple film crews coming in to shoot some action when the fishing heats up (probably Feb or early March) and will be looking for anglers to jump on. We are looking to capture some good Jigging action, so keep in touch as we move into February as there should be plenty of opportunities to get out with us on LOW PROFILE. Rick Rosenthol a Marine Biologist who has been studying the life cycle of BFT for years is planning on coming aboard to film a documentary on these awesome fish!

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