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2009-10-07 - New Jersey Bluefish Report

New Jersey Bluefish Report

br> Capt. Thomas had some of the OU Crew and friends out for the afternoon yesterday, fishing from Avalon New Jersey.  The trip was dual purpose, the first being to give JUSTIFIED (our 48â?? Ocean Sportfish) a good long sea trial.  Weâ??ve been working the entire summer on a major renovation with an eye towards putting the boat back into service.  So, what better way to shake things down, then to go fishing!  So off to the East Lump it was.  Now, I must say, it took skipper Thomas a while to put us on the fish, but eventually he had us covered up with Albacore, and just as we were getting ready to call it a day, we began to catch the nice blues you see below.  It had been a while since Iâ??ve since nice 10-12 pound bluefish.  Beautiful afternoon on the water, great fun and a well deserved break after the hard work thatâ??s gone into making JUSTIFIED ready for service once again.  If anyone is looking to do some inshore light tackle fishing for blues and albacore, things are pretty good right now, and Striped Bass should begin to show along the beach in a couple weeks. 

Tight Lines,
Capt. Trey

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