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2009-01-13 - Morehead City Bluefin Tuna Report
Morehead City Fishing Report 1/12/09

We left the dock this morning at 4:15 AM with Mike and Pat riding along. I planed to work from NW Places through Big 10 and a few spots beyond. We slowed down about 5:45am just short the NW Places and started looking for bait .As the temperature got to about 59.3 I started marking bait I kept looking in this area and then I marked a few fish on the fish finder. I circled back and I saw them again. We went back about �¼ mile and put the lines in and headed for the fish. At 6:10 am I marked 3 fish on the fish finder and thought for sure we would get our bite, we passed by without a touch. I made another pass again read them and didn't get a touch. At 7:00 am the first report of a double header came across the radio they were about 5 miles away. Then a little after that came across the radio we see a 400 to 500 lb tuna air out off our starboard corner .It was airborne Lil John saw it along with our Pat, I caught the fish as it busted the surface going back in. The excitement onboard was at a peak. Birds crashing, reading bait and I kept marking fish I thought it was going to go off! I worked this area until 9:30 am working a break on the colder side we saw a thresher shark go airborne also. We had plenty of life in our area .We went without a bite today however the images we saw will last a long time. I included a photo of our fish finder ,it makes you nuts when you run these over repeatedly with stuff that has caught fish and don't get a bite.Oh well we will get them in the morning.As far as I could tell there were 3 bites and 2 fish caught today.

Tight Lines,

Capt Keith

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