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2009-01-03 - Bahamas Fishing Report
Bahamas Fishing - Abacos & Cat Island Fishing Report

First off we would like to wish everybody a Happy and Healthy New Year. This week we were greeted by some great weather and calm seas. We managed to get our first trip in this week, and it took a bit of time to find them, as the Wahoo had moved into some shallower water. Today we had our bites once again on our Billy Bait - Ballyhoo combo, as well as another on or deep rod with the a purple and black Yo-Zuri Bonita Plug. We managed to get two Wahoo in the boat, on s short half day trip, before loading the boat with some snapper while deep dropping. The Wahoo today were between 180 and 260 feet of water. On our previous outing, we had been getting our bites in 300 to 500 feet.

The deep dropping here in the Abacos, on the right days, is some of the best we've experienced in the Bahamas. We found a new spot this week that is loaded with yellow-eye and nice size queen snapper. The best bite for the tasty queens was in 550 to 580 feet. We also had an inshore trip this week, targeting yellowtails and grouper. We managed to land a couple of each but the bottom fishing was tough, due to the lack of current. We ended our inshore trip doing some deep dropping which is the exact opposite and great when there is little or no current.

On a high note, this week one of our friends caught the first blue marlin that we�ve heard about this season. The fish was caught near Green Turtle Cay and was in the 225lb range. The Blue Marlin was caught on a center console just off the edge in 1000 feet of water. The water temperature is hovering around 74 degrees right now, and we are expecting one of the strongest fronts of the season, later this week.

Diving this week was superb. On rough days there is great conching in The Sea Of Abaco, as well as some really good lobstering. Also, just inside the reef there are some great coral heads with numerous amounts of grouper, yellowtails, and muttons. If anyone is planning a trip, it may be good to invest in a wetsuit as the water is a bit chilly.

A bit to our south, we had more reports of great fishing action. Cat Island had a good Wahoo bite this week, with fish to 60 pounds boated. It was also surprising to hear about a very good dolphin bite starting up this week. Fish near the 40lb range were reported. We usually don't see the dolphin bite start to happen until late March or even April, so this is great news.

All in all, it was another great week fishing in the Bahamas. The weather cooperated and allowed us to take families offshore this week. It was great to hear of the first blue of the season as well as some dolphin moving in . The wahoo bite remains one of the best we have seen.

- Tight Lines,
Capt. Joe Trainor - LOW PROFILE

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