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2008-09-14 - White Marlin Bite is on Fire!

White Marlin Bite on Fire!

While the Yellowfin Tuna continue to be a no-show for the most part, the White Marlin sure are picking up the slack. This is some of the best White Marlin fishing you will find anywhere in the world, at any time of year. Yesterday, just about everyone who was looking, saw double digits in their spread. Many boats caught double digits. Several boats we know saw OVER TWENTY White Marlin in their baits yesterday. The highest number of releases weâ??ve heard about so far, was 18. This is some impressive Marlin Fishing. Better yet, itâ??s not the typical 100+ miles offshore, way out in 1000 plus fathoms. The bite is in 70-100 fathoms from the Baltimore to Poormanâ??s Canyons. This is an easy run for both the NJ and MD fleets.

We are trying to put together trips out of both NJ and MD this week. If anyone wants to do a bit of Marlin Fishing, let us know.

Aside from the Marlin bite, the Tuna have been quite sporadic this week. Weâ??ve run 3 overnight trips this week, in between fronts, and have finally started to pick a few. They are still not very big, but at least we are catching some. LOW PROFILE has been out the last two nights, and had yellowfin bites both on the troll and during the evening. Overnight we are getting consistent action on Makos and Swordfish, although the majority of the swords continue to be smaller fish that we are releasing. During the daytime, the Wahoo and Dolphin Fishing are very good. Actually, the dolphin fishing reminds us of Florida Keys Fishing in the Springtime. On yesterdayâ??s trip, we ran THATâ??S RIGHT to the Wilmington and found a temperature break with a week line on in. There were probably thousands of dolphin on this edge. We used Penn spinning tackle and caught all we wanted. Most of the fish are smaller, but we did pick through them and landed a nice Bull-Cow pair, with each weighing close to 30 pounds. After catching all the dolphin we needed, we decided to leave the break and try fishing the colder water with the hopes of finding a tuna or two. Well, we actually didâ?¦over the course of about 10 minutes, we had two massive explosions on our spreader bar, but unfortunately neither came tight, as the fished missed the hook both times. These were big bites, certainly not smaller 20 pound yellowfin. We had these bites in the colder 69 degree water in the middle of the canyon. We also heard of another boat that did manage to troll up two yellowfin in the same colder water. It seems that after we get through the current Full Moon phase, that the bite may turn on. By next weekend, we should know if this is to be the caseâ?¦

The Wahoo are now being found primarily in the 30-40 fathom depths, inside the Canyons, so trolling both inshore and offshore is producing decent results. The Bluefin Tuna seem to have moved up the beach to North Jersey, as reports of great catches up that way continue to roll in. We have not heard of any consistent Bluefin Tuna action at places like the Hot Dog, Trunk, Lobster Claw, etc. These spots were holding fish up until about 10 days ago, but it appears that the fish have temporarily moved to the north a bit. As the water cools, they should make their way back down our direction.

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