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2007-07-29 - Ocean City and New Jersey Fishing Report - Weekly Wrap July 29, 2007

Ocean City Maryland & New Jersey Fishing Report

Weekly Wrap-Up JULY 29, 2007

This week started off, just as last week ended, with bad weather. After having to cancel both last Saturday and Sunday's Tuna Charters in both Ocean City and New Jersey, we started off having to cancel Monday's trips as well. We still managed to get in 22 Offshore Fishing Charters this week, running hard out of both Ocean City and up in New Jersey. All our boats began the week targeting Bluefin Tuna from the 19 fathom lump to Masseys and over to the Hambone. The bite was decent, but not red hot early in the week. JUSTIFIED had the best Bluefin catch this week, catching 9 on Wednesday's Trip. Low Profile opted to start Chunking this week and caught their limit on both Thursday and Friday's trips with fish up to 52 inches. Jigs, live, and dead baits all worked on the chunk, with live squid again working the best.

Later in the week, our boats began looking offshore for Yellowfin with THAT RIGHT putting together a great day on Thursday, boating 11 nice 40-70 pound tuna. The bite was spotty though, as both PRETTY WORK and JUSTIFIED were fishing near Capt. DJ on Thursday, and both only managed a few fish that same day. JUSTIFIED ran it's first Overnight Tuna Charter of the season Thursday night and put together a respectable catch. The first two tuna came at 2am, then another 5 were put in the boat from 4:30am to 5:30am. Capt. Todd reported that they had the tuna swarming all around the boat in the morning, but that they were very finicky and hard to get to bite. Up on the Troll, JUSTIFIED put 2 more in the boat and came back with 9 Yellowfin Tuna for their efforts.

The highlight of the week was a surprise Blue Marlin that LOW PROFILE got hooked up inside the Wilmington Canyon on Friday's trip. Low Profile was competing in the Jersey Shore Classic, a tournament held at Avalon Point Marina for the benefit of Breast Cancer. They estimated the weight at just over 500 pounds and released her after about a two hour battle. The Marlin did not do anything for our tournament efforts, but gave quite a thrill to everyone on board.

Once again, Saturday proved to be the slowest day of the week, as both the increased boat traffic and bright moon weighed heavily. Combined, our four boats caught 5 Tuna on Saturday...not a good day at all. Back at it on Sunday though, things improved a bit, as PRETTY WORK went back inshore pounding the Bluefin Tuna Grounds. Capt. John caught 7 today, keeping their limit of 3 with the largest a nice fat 62 incher weighing about 115 pounds. LOW PROFILE & JUSTIFIED both struggled again on Sunday however, each getting only 1 fish to the boat, a 35 pound wahoo of all things for LOW PROFILE and a 50 inch Bluefin for JUSTIFIED. As the moon fades over the next 10 day we would expect the fishing to once again improve to where it was in late June and early July.

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