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2005-11-03 - October 20, 2005 Weekly Fishing Report - NJ Canyon Charter Fishing Report
After two plus weeks of sitting at the dock, we said enough\'s enough, let\'s go fishing. Initially we were hoping that this would be the first of several trips in a row, but as the week progressed it became clear that this would likely be our only shot before another cold front and hurricane Wilma passed through our area. So at this time, we are not quite sure if we\'ve run our last canyon trip out of NJ before leaving for NC. We\'ll take one more shot next weekend if the weather cooperates. After that we\'ve decided to move on down the beach a bit and start looking for Big Eye and Giant Bluefin. We set off looking for some temperature breaks in the vincinity of the Lindenkohl canyon. The water had been pushing SW pretty hard, so we started near the spencer, and quickly found what we were looking for. A nice 4 degree break was sitting right in the spencer. Near dusk, we had 5 longfin crash our spread, quickly putting 3 in the box. Our next pass produced a double header, boating 1 nice yellowfin this time. We coudn\'t get the fish up again, so we set up in that general area for the night. We quickly had squid under the boat and marked some fish, missing one jigging about 9:00pm. But by 10:00 the squid was gone. We had two bites through the night, one was a big shark that we never got a look at, before it broke the main line. The second appeared to be a real nice tuna fish that took us into the backing, before pulling the hook. In the morning, we all expected a hot longfin bite, but it never materialized. We finally got the fish going for a few minutes around 10:00am, going 2-3 on one longfin and one yellowfin, but that was it. With the wind and seas picking up we called it a day and headed for the barn with 6 tuna in the box.

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