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2004-12-18 - Final NJ Fishing Report for the Season - 320# Bluefin!
Looks like the OVER UNDER ran it's last canyon trip of the season, and we're glad to say that we're leaving on a high note. We didn't catch a lot of fish, but we did boat our best of the year. We started chunking at 4:30pm, after a few hours of trolling in the Carteret with only 1 knockdown. We had just set out the third line when all three started screaming. One immediately pulled the hook, while the other two fish headed for another planet. After about 15 minutes, we broke the leader on one of the fish and had but one still on. We chased and fought this fish well into dark, finally boating it at 8:00pm. The Giant Bluefin measure 84 inches, with a 55" girth. The weight charts put it right around 320 pounds. The fish was caught on a 50 class reel with 60 pound leader. I think till it was all said and done everyone in the picture had atleast 2 cracks at the fish and i know that everyone helped pull the beast through the door. The rest of the night was uneventful. We boated a yellowfin in the middle of the 3 hour fight, but after that, we had two quick pulls from runt swordfish and that was it. We headed home not the least bit upset with the results. We watched the Boss Lady boat a 200 pound sword behind us and heard of another nice sword being caught. Didn't hear much about tuna overnight and we stayed till 8:30 this morning, hoping to get em going, but it just wasn't happening. The OVER UNDER will be leaving for NC next week making a stop at Pirates Cove before heading to the Florida Keys for sailfishing season, and eventually to its Winter/Spring home in Cat Island, Bahamas, where it will be running allb inclusive sportfishing vacations.

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