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2004-09-27 - Overnight giveaway trip from sportfishermen.com
After the blow moved through the OVER UNDER was back out in the canyon for a Thursday into Friday overnight trip. This trip was purchased as a give away for new members of www.sportfishermen.com. The OVER UNDER arrived in the Lindy about 3:00 and quickly found the temperature break they were looking for. it was about 5 degrees. 3 hours of trolling produced a bunch of smaller mahi, but no tuna bites. Setting up on the chunk, the OVER UNDER decided to drift as the seas were very flat. Trying both the cold side and the warm side of the break, the OVER UNDER managed only a flury of Longfin, boating 3. At about Midnight, the crew decided it was time to make a move and ran about 12 miles south and set up again near the Spencer Canyon. The move turned out to be a good one, as the group had about 6-7 bites, boating 3 yellowfin, before pulling in the lines for the run home. The crew of the OVER UNDER, Captains Pete and Trey, made the quick turn and headed back offshore Friday night with a fresh group of anglers ready to get on the meat. The OVER UNDER set up on the numbers that produced the best the night before, anchoring in about 550' of water. With 25 other boats in close proximity, it was a tough night, as only one yellowfin was boated and one swordfish released. At daybreak, most of the boats had drifted elsewhere or had gone on the troll. Knowing there were fish in the area, The OVER UNDER decided to roll the dice and stay on the chunk. Good Call....from 7:30-10:00am the group went 6-6 on 70# yellowfin, and one longfin. The fish were brought up right behind the boat with fresh bunker. Sardines and Peanut Bunker were the hook baits of choice. The group came home with a nice catch and an impressive 7-8 showing on the tuna fish, making their shots count. Many of the fish were caught on spinning outfits and TLD 25s with 30-40# leaders...Good job guys!

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