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2004-09-20 - Over Under ran 3 overnight canyon trips this week
The crew of the Over Under ran 3 overnight canyon trips this week and visited the Spencer Canyon on each of them. On Wednesday we ran a make up charter and got into a hot longfin bite. We boated 7 and after declaring that we had enough longfin and wanting to save room for yellowfin, we started chunking early and put one in the boat right off the bat. After that it slowed however until midnight when we made a move 10 miles to the north where we had 7 or 8 bites, boating 2 more fish. In total, the group came home with 4 yellowfin and 7 longfin. On Friday, the Over Under had the Tom Dwyer party back out to where we had the Longfin bite the previous day, but they were nowhere to be found. Deciding to troll to the tip of the Spencer, the group bagged a double header longfin, but coudln't get the rest of the school to bite. Setting up on the chunk, the group went 8-10 on yellowfin to 70 pounds and ran in at first light with 10 nice tuna in the box. This group really made the most of their chances and put a hurting on the fish. The Over Under did a quick turn, heading right back out Saturday on another Make Up charter, but decided to stop short of the canyon and try a few scallop boats for bluefin. No bluefin were found unfortunately, but he group did manage to troll up 2 smaller yellowfin. Heading on to the canyon, the group arrived at dusk and set up where the Crew had their action the previous night. It didn't take long before a nice sized yellowfin was hooked and 2 hours later was finally boated. The fiesty fish was caught on a TLD 25 and just didn't want to come to the boat. After that however, the bite died and we never got the fish back. Two smaller yellowfin were added to the catch later in the evening for a total of 3 fish out of 4 bites. In the morning the group trolled up a nice longfin tuna before heading to the barn with 6 tuna in the boat. Most of the chunk bites were on squid up on top. Many of the trolling bites were on a tournament cable splash bar, switch rigged with a pink green machine trailing behind. The best chunking action appeared to be between 9:00pm and midnight and again between 5:00am and 6:30am. From what we heard the trolling bite really died off after thursday and the chunk bite was hit or miss up and down the canyons from the poormans to the Toms. A few boats had all they wanted, while other boats had only one or two or none. The moon is shining bright right now and we expect the action to be sporadic until it begins to darken in a week or so, when things should bust wide open again.

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