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2004-09-14 - Tim Clorite Charter - On the Tuna on an overnight canyon charter
Had the Tim Clorite Party out for an overnight last night and headed back to the same break, we've been fishing for the last 3 trips. Thanks to LITTLE DEBBIE for pointing us in the right direction on our way out. We quickly found a 1 degree break and never ventured more than a mile or so in either directions. The troll was slow (conditions were pretty sporty), putting one longfin in the boat before deciding to set up for the chunk early. We dropped the hook, just south of the break and held on until day break. At daybreak we had 8 yellowfin and a swordfish in the boat, and we laid our eyes on nice mako, but couldn't get him to take a bait. We pulled the hook on yet a larger swordie early in the night and also released a small pup. We had about 10/11 tuna bites in total. All in all, great night despite the sloppy conditions. Congrats to the Tim Clorite party for toughing it out last night and catching fish for their effort. No pictures of this trip, as it was pouring rain most of the night, as welll as when we returned to the dock. Another nj canyon charter under our belts for the season!

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