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2004-09-11 - We opted to tough it out
The crew of the OVER UNDER had the Greg Smith party out for an overnighter last night. It didn't take long to get back into the trolling bite we'd found earlier in the week, and 8 longfin and 1 yellowfin were boated before setting up for the chunk. Most of the fleet was anchored up, but we opted to tough it out in some sloppy seas and drift, which allowed us to fish where we had the trolling bite that afternoon. We had a steady pick all night going 6-7, boating 5 yellowfin and 1 longfin. Now the bad news....we broke off/pulled the hook on two nice swordfish...One was 20' down about ready for the gaff, the other never gave us a chance. Saw both fish, and both would have been coming over the rail and into the fishbox...one was real nice, probably about 200#. Seems the fishing gets a little better with each trip...hopefully this trend will continue.

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