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Sorry about last night's garbled headline. My computer scrambled what I wrote,  and after I noticed it when publishing I couldn't change it. While there should be lots of good fishing ahead of us, party boat anglers are starting to run out of options. The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant finished up with a successful striper trip on Monday, and the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands has gone into the yard to get ready for next spring. This week's weather forecast also created cancellations today. Some boats may resume fishing tomorrow, but be sure to check with skippers before coming down. A rough surf with southerly wind forecasts of up to 30 mph seemed to also keep surfcasters home, but a shift to west winds should calm and clear the surf over the next few days -- though it will be a lot colder. It was just fine today in Point Pleasant Canal with air temperatures in the sixties. I got there a bit late for the high tide slack at noon, and only had time to get off a few casts with shrimp, using my light spinning rig for maximum sport.  An 8 1/2-inch tog hit just as the tide turned, and felt very cold to the touch from the cold water flowing out of Barnegat Bay. Yet, I gave it one last cast and was rewarded with a good pick-up and a fight that had me running along the fence to keep the tog running with the current out of  underwater structure along the edges before swinging a 15 1/2-incher over the fence for the release. 

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