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January 6th

Glad to be back out after a few days off.  The ocean was really nice and flat today with light snow falling.  It was so nice it made anchoring a little tough at times but we managed to stay on the spots.  Caught some fish everywhere we went today!  They picked at the bait then they would hit it real hard.  You just had to wait it out.  White crabs caught the majority of keepers today.  Few got limits, some with 2-3 and some with 1.  Pool winner was 10+ pounds today!

The weather is not looking too good for tomorrow again so we are going to lay in and do some work around the boat.  Thursday does not sound too bad just cold but we got heat handrails and a heated cabin!

I only got a few photos today, some were camera shy so I will post them on our Facebook page!



We have plenty of Green and White crabs on board!

For more information, please give us a shout at 732-496-5383!

Capt. Matt

Posted on Jan 06 2015 by normak123

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