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Weekend Wrap-Up November 29th& 30th

Another nice weekend to be on the water.  Picked at the Blackfish both yesterday and today.  Some did better than others catching wise.  The guys casting around and bouncing there sinker to find the different bottom seemed to do best.  White crabs did seem to pick out the bigger fish!  Pool winners both went around 8lbs both yesterday and today.  There was also one that went close to 12lbs caught today and was released.  As the water cools down, we should start seeing more of these big fish start to chew! 

Decent Ling fishing on our 3-9 Magic hour trip as well.  Pretty sure everyone went home with some fish.  High hook had around 20+ Ling.  Most were small to medium size LIng with a few big ones in the mix.  Pool winner was a big Ling!

We do have plenty of Green crabs on board.  We are pretty low on White crabs right now and will not be getting more until Tuesday so if you are coming tomorrow, be sure to stop and pick some up!

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Capt. Matt


Posted on Nov 30 2014 by normak123

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