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I guess all the rain last night scared lots of people from coming today. If you were one of those you missed out on a beautiful day. We had a whale show and caught some nice keepers, more then we have been catching recently I'm happy to say.  The folks with the rental rods were hot today. No fancy double hook rigs with tinsel and feathers, fake squid etc. I remember back in the day when all you needed was a simple rig with one hook and bait and caught the heck out of the fish. There are many  rigs I see in the tackle shops that are there to catch the fishermen not the fish. I am old school I don't use braided line or fancy rigs. The one thing that has gained popularity over the last 15 years and does work is the GULP baits. I even started to sell it on the boat. The weekend weather looks very nice I hope to see you onboard, Capt. Rob

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