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Awesome weather, flat ocean and the Striped Bass were hungry once again, doesn't get any better than that for November!

Stayed local all day catching a nice mix of fish from shorts to Keepers. Good action on the Plain jigs, tails and crippled herring once again.

Henry had the Hot hand landing well over 25 fish for the day. Pool fish went to Scotty with a nice 8 pound Striper.

Once again I have to address some BS with the daily pool. If you have the heaviest Bass at the end of the day, you win. Simple as that.

I don't give a crap if it's a 27 3/4 inch bonus fish compared to a 28 inch fish, heaviest wins. Bonus fish ARE in the pool, they are legal, if you don't agree with that, don't get in the pool and if you really want to piss and moan, do it some where else. We worked our ass off today with a great day all around, myself or the crew don't need any crap at the end of the day because you lost, get over it.

MY BOAT, MY RULES. Buy my boat and you can make any rules you want.....Glad I got that off my chest!  Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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