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Posted on July 11, 2021July 11, 2021 Even blues reacted to Elsa I wasn’t able to connect with AOL yesterdsy evening, and have only been on-and-off today. As a result. I’m trying to get something out ASAP. Hope to have the fluke contest results tomorrow. The Golden Eagle from Belmar found that bluefish were still very fussy in the large swell and strong current. Those whostayed at the rail and worked their jigs still managed a five blue limit. Not surprisingly, sea bass fishing was also tougher under those circumstances, though some were able to add the two allowed as a by-catch during the summer in N.J. waters. This fishing should improve as the ocean settles. Tonight’s. southeast blow is predicted to drop to south at 5-10 knots. Showers are possible. Capt. Jim Freda ran his Shore Catch out of Manasquan Inlet very early in order to start jigging on the bluefin grounds at 5:30. His crew tripled up with unders right away and added two king mackerel while losing a large tuna that was cut off by another boat. hick any took a break for somq freshwater fishing, but also got back on stripers one evening earl in the week on Tyman from Highlands.

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