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For possibly the last time, the N.J. Legislature is taking up bills to set new striped bass regulations in the state. The current two bass at a minimum of 28 inches will be changed to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) - approved one striper of 28 to 43 inches plus a second of 43 inches or more. Current law requires that this be done by legislation in the case of striped bass, but the new bills change that so the Marine Fisheries Council can set the regulations without further delay. Though the striped bass season in the ocean remains open all year, internal waters are closed until March 1. The Assembly could vote on the bill, which has already been approved in committee, as early as this week, but the next voting session of the Senate is on March 5. There's no apparent opposition to the new regs that were accepted by the Marine Fisheries Council and approved by the ASMFC. Capt. Paul Eidman is the guest speaker at Tuesday night's meeting of the Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County. That 8 p.m. meeting is in the American Legion Hall at 33 West Passaic St., Rochelle Park. Eidman will present information about ASMFC actions on menhaden and other species, as well as fishing tips.

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