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Paul Haertel, of the JCAA, reports there was an ASMFC conference call yesterday to discuss and approve management options. There was a very slight improvement from the regs anticipated. As expected, N.J. is stuck with the same 18-inch fluke minimum, and the 128-day season, but the bag was increased from four to five. The Marine Fisheries Council will have to decide on the actual season dates. No more than 45 days may be in wave three (May-June) -- so we can't open before May 17. Most North Jersey anglers would prefer a later opening so we could stay open to the last date of Sept. 30. Connecticut got approval last year for a16-inch minimum for shore anglers in specific areas, and the ASMFC will allow other states to do the same in regulated areas. We have to take a 7 percent cut in sea bass, though lower than expected wave six catches could allow a lesser cut. The Council will have to consider various options.   

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