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While there are no catches to report, several sightings of little tunny in the surf have been made. Nick Honachefsky has had shots at them in his local surf at various times of day around Normandy Beach, but they are chasing very small bait and wouldn't hit his Deadly Dick or a Williamson jig. Honachefsky noted that schools of mullet are also in the surf. Of course, all that could change in a day with the unpredictable tunny. They hardly ever hit poppers, but the best day I ever had with them in the surf was on a small Creek Chub popper. Generally, you should use a small, slim and silvery metal -- and reel it as fast as possible while keeping it underwater. Vinny D'Anton spotted little tunny in the Spring Lake surf this morning, but they were gone before he could witch lures -- which is the usual situation. He did catch a 24-inch striper on an SP Minnow. We may be in for another run of 20-pound bluefsh such as we had a couple of years ago. The Jamaica reported a 24-pound blue was caught on that party boat and weighed in at Brielle Tackle. Sly Turner of Morristown boated that trophy chopper. Miss Belmar Princess reported a decent pick of little tunny today, with three to four on at a time on occasion. There were also some blues up to 19 pounds. Allen Riley of South Plainfield checked the surf from Sandy Hook to Monmouth Beach at mid-morning and didn't see any signs of little tunny. Frank Huza of Aberdeen walked all the way out to the tip of Sandy Hook and caught the only fish among four other anglers -- a 1/2-pound blue. Huza said there was bait coming by, but not a lot of it. I saved a lot of walking by briefly fishing a few green crabs in Point Pleasant Canal to release six blackfish on light tackle, though none were over 12 inches. Any size tog is fun on light spinning.

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